U.S. Probes Unexpected Braking in Nissan Rogue SUVs

April 12, 2019 at 2:47 PM

U.S. regulators have opened an investigation into owner reports that their Nissan Rogue SUVs spontaneously hit the brakes.

The probe by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration targets the automatic braking system in 675,000 of the carmaker’s 2017-2018 model Rogues.

The feature is supposed to provide emergency braking to avoid hitting an object ahead. But owners say the system sometimes slams on the brakes when there is no obstruction, slowing the vehicle or bringing it to a stop unexpectedly.

NHTSA says Nissan appears aware of the problem because it has issued service bulletins and non-recall service actions to install a software update. But the agency notes that some complaints indicate the fix is not an adequate long-term solution.