Toyota Device Prevents Accidental Acceleration

December 06, 2018 at 2:52 AM

Toyota Motor Corp. has unveiled a sensor-based system that prevents cars from speeding out of control when the operator mistakes the accelerator for the brake pedal.

Such errors account for 6% of fatal crashes in Japan that involve drivers who are at least 75 years old, according to The Japan Times, which cites police data.

The 55,000-yen ($487) pedal monitor prevents the vehicle from accelerating into a wall or other object and won’t allow it to reach a speed greater than 5 kph (3 mph) in reverse. When the wrong pedal is depressed, the system sounds an alarm and displays a blinking warning message.

Toyota designed the device specifically for older versions of its Prius hybrid sedans and Aqua variants that lack automatic braking technology. The company hopes to sell 2,500 devices per month, according to the report.