Subaru Readies Two Hybrids for Europe

February 11, 2019 at 8:24 AM

Subaru Corp. is developing two hybrid-electric vehicles that will be unveiled next month at the Geneva auto show.

The vehicles will be the company’s first hybrids for Europe. The carmaker, which briefly sold the XV Hybrid in the U.S. and Japan, is launching a plug-in hybrid variant of the Crosstrek small crossover vehicle in those markets this year.

The new hybrids will be marketed as “e-boxer” models, teaming Subaru’s signature engine design with an electric motor. So-called boxer engines feature flat horizontally opposed pistons that help reduce a car’s center of gravity and improve its handling characteristics.

Subaru has provided no details about the new hybrids. Media reports speculate that one of the vehicles could be a plug-in version of the company’s next WRX STi sports wagon.