Judge Rejects Class-Action Lawsuit over Ford Lug Nuts

January 07, 2019 at 5:20 PM

A U.S. district judge in Michigan has dismissed a lawsuit filed two years ago that claimed millions of wheel lug nuts used by Ford were defective.

The plaintiffs complained that laminated nuts used for years by Ford to attach the wheels to its Focus and Fusion sedans, Escape and Flex SUVs and F-Series pickup trucks. The lawsuit claimed the nuts could deteriorate, making them almost impossible to remove without special service tools.

The Ford nuts consist of a threaded steel core covered by a cap of aluminum, stainless steel or chrome. The lawsuit claimed the cap could separate from the core and become distorted enough not to fit the vehicle’s tire iron or any other conventional wrench.

The case sought class-action status on behalf of plaintiffs in 27 states. But Judge Stephen Murphy ruled that the plaintiffs lacked sufficient facts to justify claims of breach of warranty, state-level fraud or violation of consumer protection laws.