Hyundai Demos Augmented Reality Display

January 10, 2019 at 1:50 PM

Hyundai Motor Co. demonstrated an augmented reality (AR) head-up display system in a Genesis G80 sedan at this week’s CES electronics show in Las Vegas.

The prototype display was developed by Switzerland’s WayRay SA. Hyundai and Porsche AG made separate investments in the startup company last year.

The AR system displays a hologram-like stereoscopic virtual image through the windshield. The system uses a much smaller projector than traditional HUDs and can be used in virtually any vehicle, WayRay says. The technology also enables a wider field of view that can be made visible for both drivers and passengers.

WayRay's system can appear to overlay objects on the road ahead. Potential applications include a virtual dashboard, real-time navigation directions, directions to available parking spaces, road markings and upcoming traffic signs.

The prototype system in the G80 displays vehicle speed, navigation information, lane guidance, points of interest and driver-assistance alerts. Hyundai didn’t say when or if it plans to offer the technology on a production model.

Founded in 2012, WayRay was named the top startup company at the 2017 AutoMobility LA tech conference.