Hyperloop Company Unveils Passenger Capsule

October 08, 2018 at 10:56 AM

Los Angeles-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. (HTT) has unveiled the design of its high-speed passenger pod.

Dubbed Quintero One, the pod is 105 ft long with a 50-ft cabin that can carry as many as 40 people. The unit consists of 82 panels made from “vibranium,” a high-strength composite material that HTT developed with Slovakian-based carbon-fiber specialist c2i S.r.o.

HTT worked on the project with PriestmanGoode, a London-based design firm that specializes in airplane cabins, high-speed trains and transportation terminals. Spain’s Carures SA built the pod, which will be tested next year at a 1-km-long (0.62-mile) test track that HTT is constructing at its development center in Toulouse, France.

The capsules are designed to travel at speeds as fast as 750 mph. But HTT notes that initial testing and operating likely will be considerably slower.

Several other companies are developing and testing similar hyperloop systems, which Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk proposed five years ago as a fifth mode of transportation (after planes, trains, cars and boats). Quinto is Spanish for fifth.

Watch a video about the Quintero One here.