Honda Overhauls Its Dealer Network in India

February 05, 2019 at 1:14 AM

Honda Motor Co. says it is spending 2.7 billion rupees ($38 million) to update the appearance of its entire network of 350 dealerships in India.

The company tells PTI, India’s largest news agency, that the goal of the three-year project is to present Honda as an upscale brand in a warm rather than intimidating way. India marketing director Rajesh Goel adds that Honda expects to add about 70 new dealerships during that period that also will reflect the new decor.

Honda hasn’t refreshed its Indian retail outlets in at least eight years, according to Goel. He says the updates will include a new color scheme, futuristic interiors and the use of large flat-screen displays to explain products and show color and accessory options.

Dealers and Honda will share the cost of the updates, which will average about 10 million rupees ($139,000) per site.