Honda Confirms Another Death from Takata Airbag Blast

April 01, 2019 at 12:41 AM

Honda Motor Co. confirms a 16th fatality in the U.S. caused by a Takata Corp. airbag inflator exploding in a crash, Reuters reports.

To date, the flaw has killed 14 people in Honda vehicles and two in Ford Motor Co. vehicles over the past 10 years. Honda also has confirmed seven such fatalities in other countries.

The latest crash occurred last June in Arizona and involved a 2002 Honda Civic. Honda recalled the car in 2014. The company says it sent 12 recall notices to prior owners but was unaware of the car’s most recent sales transaction, which occurred three months before the fatal crash, Reuters reports.

Currently 19 carmakers are recalling more than 100 million explosion-prone Takata inflators worldwide, including 56 million devices in the U.S.