Germany Okays Diesel Retrofits to Avoid Bans

December 28, 2018 at 3:48 PM

Germany’s transport ministry has cleared the way for owners of older diesels to retrofit their cars and avoid city bans on such vehicles.

The ministry’s 30-page guideline spells out how aftermarket suppliers can quickly clear regulatory approvals for their exhaust filtering systems. The option comes as a growing number of Germany cities ponder partial bans on the estimated 12 million diesels on the country’s roads that don’t meet Euro 6 standards.

The retrofit kits would be in addition to engine management software upgrades that carmakers agreed in 2017 to install at no charge to owners. Reuters notes that vehicle manufacturers are divided about who should pay for the new retrofit systems.

Carmakers declare that they won’t be responsible for engine damage that could result from the aftermarket modifications. Some caution that the retrofit kits could reduce performance and raise carbon dioxide emissions. The companies, speaking through their VDA trade group, urge owners to buy new cars instead.