French Alliance to Debut Next-Gen EV Batteries in 2020

September 13, 2018 at 4:52 PM

A European consortium set up in February aims to begin mass producing next-generation lithium-ion batteries in early 2020 and solid-state devices in 2024, Reuters reports.

The group is led by Saft Groupe SA, a unit of French energy company Total SA. The other members are battery cell equipment maker Manz, electronics supplier Siemens and chemical giant Solvay.

The companies intend to follow their new battery with an improved lithium-ion design in 2022 that also uses a liquid electrolyte. The group targets a 2024 debut for a solid-state design that promises a 50% gain in power density along with improved safety and lower cost compared with current lithium-ion chemistries.

The consortium expects its batteries also will be used in other forms of transportation, along with energy storage and specialty industries.