Ford Expands Recall for Gear Shift Flaw

May 15, 2019 at 10:28 AM

Ford Motor Co. is preparing to recall an additional 272,500 Fusion midsize sedans and Ranger compact pickup trucks in North America to fix flaws that could interfere with transmission gear selection.

The larger callback targets 270,000 of the company’s 2013-2016 model Fusions (pictured), all of which are equipped with 2.5-liter engines.

The campaign expands a recall Ford launched last summer that involved 549,100 Fusions and Escape small SUVs.

The problem in all cases is a bushing that attaches the vehicle’s shift cable to the transmission. The bushing can come loose and leave the vehicle in a different gear than the one indicated by the gear selector. For example, the driver could shift to Park and remove the ignition key, even though the transmission remains in Drive and might roll away.

In a related campaign, Ford dealers will fix about 2,500 of its 2019 model Ranger small pickup trucks. Affected vehicles have a shift cable bracket that could loosen and leave the transmission in a gear other than the one indicated by the truck’s gear selector.