Dealers Sue Colorado for Adopting Calif. Emission Rules

January 30, 2019 at 12:44 AM

Auto dealers in Colorado have sued the state’s air quality commission for adopting California’s low-emission standards.

The Colorado Automobile Dealers Assn. contends that the commission’s decision, which would go into effect with the 2022 model year, was made too hastily, Automotive News reports. CADA also argues that the rules interfere with the free market and will force consumers in the state to pay billions of dollars in higher vehicle prices.

Colorado estimates that following California’s standards would reduce the state’s annual output of greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 2 million tons by 2030. A dozen other states and the District of Columbia also have aligned with the California regulations.

California vows to uphold current emission standards confirmed during the last days of the Obama administration. Those rules set rapidly tightening carbon dioxide emission limits for cars made during the 2022-2025 model years. The reductions would raise real-world fuel economy for piston-powered cars more than 30% over that period to about 36 mpg.

The Trump administration wants to strip California of its power to set its own emission standards and freeze CO2 limits at 2022 levels.