Bose Readies New Road Noise Cancellation Tech

January 11, 2019 at 3:14 PM

High-end audio specialist Bose Corp. has developed a noise cancellation system to counter road sounds.

Bose says its QuietComfort Road Noise Control (RNC) system builds on the company’s engine harmonic cancellation and enhancement technologies and noise-canceling headphones. But Bose says that is more difficult to control noise in large spaces, such as a car cabin.

Conventional road-noise mitigation methods use special tires or thick insulation to the vehicle body. Noise cancellation systems typically rely on microphones to detect noise and speakers that emit counteracting sound.

The RNC tech adds accelerometers to continuously monitor vibrations that create noise. The sensors, microphones and speakers are teamed with Bose’s proprietary signal-processing software and the vehicle's audio system.

The accelerometers are mounted to the body of the vehicle to measure vibrations that create noise. When a potential disturbance is sensed, the system generates an acoustic cancellation signal delivered through the audio speakers.

Located around the interior compartment, the microphones monitor residual noise levels. The signal is adapted for different road surfaces and automatically adjusts over time as the vehicle ages and noise levels increase.

Bose plans to launch commercial applications for the technology by the end of 2021. The company will work carmakers to customize the system to fit individual models.