Bosch Offers Bikes to 100,000 Workers in Germany

February 13, 2018 at 4:36 PM

Beginning this month, Robert Bosch GmbH will offer subsidies to help workers in Germany lease bicycles.

The program is available to all full-time workers with at least three years on the job, a group that totals more than 100,000 Bosch employees in Germany. Workers can select one or two bicycles—conventional pedal-powered models or electric units—from about 4,000 participating retailers.

It isn’t clear how much Bosch will contribute to the program or if there’s a price limit on the bikes. The employee’s portion of the lease fee—including insurance and maintenance—will be deducted from his or her gross salary, which Bosch notes will result in tax savings.

Bosch says the initiative has several benefits, ranging from reduced transportation emissions to promoting healthy lifestyles. Exercise also can boost creativity, the supplier claims.

The lease program supports Germany’s goal to increase bicycle use from 12% of the country’s transportation mix to 15% by 2020. Germany has allocated 200 million per year to jump-start the effort.