Bosch, Daimler Test Autonomous Parking Valet in China

September 17, 2018 at 8:51 AM

Daimler AG and Robert Bosch GmbH have expanded testing of their joint Automated Valet Parking system to the carmaker’s research and development center in Beijing.

The partners launched a pilot program for the system, which autonomously summons and parks vehicles, under real-world conditions last year at the Mercedes-Benz museum’s garage in Stuttgart, Germany. The Beijing program is said to be the first such test in China.

Users drop off specially equipped vehicles in a designated spot at the Beijing r&d facility, then activate autonomous parking via a smartphone app.

Sensors installed in the garage monitor the driving corridor and its surroundings while guiding the vehicle to an open parking space—and automatically stop the car if an obstacle is encountered. Motorists summon the vehicle when they are ready to leave.

The Beijing tests include two vehicles operating in autonomous mode at the same time. In addition to robotic parking, the technology can be used to drive vehicles to service areas for battery recharging, car washing or package pickup, the partners note.

In addition to time and convenience benefits for drivers, garages with automated valet services can accommodate as many as 20% more vehicles by parking them closer together.