How Michigan’s PlanetM Helps Mobility Startups

February 12, 2018 at 2:48 AM
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Michigan is connecting mobility startups with car companies, top-tier suppliers and venture capitalists through PlanetM, an initiative of the Michigan Economic Development Corp.

The program’s aim is to accelerate innovation, says Director Seun Phillips. PlanetM offers startups a low-cost place in downtown Detroit to set up shop (called the PlanetM Landing Zone) and helps them test, pilot and deploy innovative technologies.

Phillips points out that southeastern Michigan has the world’s highest concentration of mobility-related technical and test facilities (more than 2,200) and transportation engineers and technologists (more than 120,000). PlanetM’s website ( adds that 16 carmakers—and more than half of North America’s largest automotive suppliers—have major facilities in the state.​​​​​